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Custom Airbrushing

We offer custom airbrushing services that include but are not limited to, automotive, portraits of people, t-shirts, motorcycles, helmets, jeans, framed art and more!!  We do custom airbrushing on just about anything.  Send an Email if you have any questions.

Expert Tips in Painting a Plastic Model

Ideally the bulk of your model will be painted using a miniature airbrush with conventional brushes reserved for small parts such as wheel spokes or canopy frames. If your budget doesn’t stretch to an airbrush, hand held brushes and aerosols can still yield high quality results.

Painting the Model

Before you start gluing things together consider what parts can be painted before assembly. Wheels, propellers, canopy frames and instrument panels should all be painted while attached to the plastic molding. Plastic molding can be done using compression molding process explained in detail here. Pay attention to the instructions; many parts will need to be painted and pre-assembled as they will be inaccessible later in the build process.

When you have assembled the major components of the model it is a good idea to give the whole thing a coat of primer. Invest in a can of aerosol paint for this purpose and mask off any pre-painted parts with tape. When the primer is dry you can add the overcoat, a single color or camouflage pattern as the case may be. You should then be ready to add all those fiddly pieces you painted and pre-assembled earlier.

Creating a Worn Effect with your Paint

Depending on the model you may wish to replicate wear to the paintwork. A fine grade emery paper can be used to lightly sand the overcoat away from edges and raised points to expose the underlying primer. The trick here is to do just enough, then stop.

If your model has decals now is the time to apply them, but first give the whole thing a coat of gloss lacquer. This will provide a smooth surface for the decals and make the job much easier. When the decals are dry apply a further coat of lacquer to seal them.

Highlighting Panel Lines and Details on the Model

Your model may have been molded with recessed features such as panel lines. In the real world these depressions can accumulate grime and create areas of shade. How much you may want to highlight this will depend on the model; plenty for a battle-scarred Spitfire, not at all for a buffed Formula One race car.

If you want panel lines you will need to create a wash. This is simply a very dilute (about 1:10) mix of the required color (usually black or brown) which is painted over the panel lines so that the pigment collects in the recessed areas. The excess is then quickly wiped away before it can dry. Diluted paint, inks or even instant coffee will do the trick.

Always apply wash over gloss lacquer – it will run into the panel lines much more readily and excess will be easier to clean off. Once you have achieved the result you are after, give the model one more coat of lacquer to fix the wash. If you are building a military model finish with a matt lacquer for a grimy, battle-worn finish.

Devil in the Detail

Building kit set models take patience and an eye for detail. Of course, this is where the appeal of the hobby lies. Forearmed with a few proven tricks and willingness to experiment you should soon be creating accurate models that do justice to the historical vehicles, aircraft and vessels they represent.

About Us

T & J Graphix is located in High Point, North Carolina and is owned by Tre Strickland and Johnnie Wood. 

Compare our prices with others!!!!! We have the lowest prices around!!!!!

We provide quality work and affordable prices.  That is why you need to check with us first before you decide to go with any other custom airbrushing service. 

If you have any questions or want to place an order please email us or go to the contacts page for further contact information.

Have something special in mind?

Send us a photo or picture of what you want airbrushed on your special item and we will use that image to customize your item and make it unique just to you...

There are no set prices for a custom job or graphics. Every project will vary in price depending on its complexity and the types of materials involved.  


Just send an email with a written description or pictures (magazine, photographs, or hand sketches) representing what you want . Even if you're not quite sure what type design or logo you want, We can help you design a one of a kind creation.


Either give us a call or send an email and we can get started. All we need to know is a little bit about yourself, your interests and some of your favorite colors and then we can work with you to provide you with a custom  job that fits you.

Thank you,

Tre Strickland & Johnnie Wood